Case studies
A mid-sized advertising company with 5 locations in India and 500 users spread across multiple domains uses Spam Filter Guard MailServ at each of their locations with multi-level address books. Mail flows between the locations via a VPN tunnel in a secure manner. Firewalls at all locations prevent unauthorised access to their network.

A leading Indian financial services organisation replaced one of the existing Exchange servers for their business partners with Spam Filter Guard MailServ. Customisations done included mail usage restriction based on time and IP address for different groups, automatic replication of address book with the corporate Exchange server. In addition, the organisation is using Spam Filter Guard CleanMail to ensure a virus-free, spam-free environment for their 300 mailboxes.

A leading Asset Management company is using Spam Filter Guard Topsight to automate their sales force and customer service. The effectiveness of their key Account Teams has increased as they are now communicating and sharing critical information regarding projects, deliverables and customer issues more effectively. As a result, they have been more successul in attracting clients and have also established a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.
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